Friday, October 7, 2011

Quantum Medicine (Quantum Therapy)

"Quantum medicine" as a trend in medical practice, appeared in 1998 and became a promising area of modern medical science. It is based on the use of modern achievements in physics, biochemistry and medical research in medical practices.

Quantum therapy - a single set of targeted therapeutic and diagnostic measures based on the interaction of low-energy (quantum) values (dose) of electromagnetic radiation with the information and power structures of the body to restore its homeostasis in the information, energy, and somatic levels. This medicine is not based on the action of chemical substances introduced into the human body, and the reactions of the organism to weak electromagnetic fields, it returns to equilibrium, also known as a "stable state".

Quantum devices low levels of radiation energy are applied to the therapeutic effects of laser on living tissues and cells. Low-intensity laser radiation stimulates the metabolic activity of cells activates the processes of life and regeneration (recovery). Laser radiation improves microcirculation, reduces swelling of tissues, stimulates the formation of neutrophilic and monocytic barrier to the formulation of bactericidal substances to prevent acidosis, hypoxia, anti-inflammatory and restorative effect. After exposure to the most characteristic changes in metabolism in the cell are: improvement of energy the mitochondria: active synthesis of ATP, an increase in activity of respiratory enzymes, increased glycolysis, reduction of the formation of free radicals. And as a result of the whole, the increasing resistance of the organism to external adverse influences.

Quantum medicine gradually covers all areas of medicine and medicine is on the right of the third millennium.


In the quantum effects of low-intensity physical medicine is the basis for interaction flow of photons with atoms and molecules of matter. Quantum of light - is the minimum energy component of the light flux of solar radiation.

Through photosynthesis, the electromagnetic energy of a photon is converted into energy of chemical bonds of atoms and molecules of substances (vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, etc.) that creates the biological basis of the quantum treatment.

Medical studies have determined the levels of therapeutic doses of radiation energy and the quantum effects for different age groups. Depending on the severity of the manifestations and forms of disease were selected different levels of laser radiation effects on human tissue. Sole prevention, others for the treatment of diseases and the third to reduce the time of rehabilitation.


    * painless impact and environmental safety;
    * security level of the laser radiation dose;
    * no side effects and high preventive potential;
    * outpatient treatment and opportunity in the home;
    * increase the effectiveness of drugs, reducing their dosage and duration of treatment;
    * high mobility and the possibility of using a variety of conditions, including field;
    * affordability of quantum devices and small clinics and rural hospitals, and for personal use.


Today there is a large range of low-intensity quantum devices (Cold laser ) therapy. This allows us to satisfy the most exquisite demands of doctors and research institutes of the Ministry of Health. The devices differ in the levels emitted by the laser energy, the inclusion of continuous or pulsed laser emitters, a choice of the wavelength of the emission spectrum, setting the desired power and frequency modulation. According to the radiation power products are classified according to laser safety. Safety shall determine the admissibility of their application individually at home or only in medical offices with a means of individual protection of medical personnel and patients.

The increased complexity of vehicles, greater levels of radiated energy, multiple emitters, and all kinds of nozzles in the bundle form a high final prhce of products.

A large number of modes and the complexity of their choice require highly skilled health care providers to conduct therapeutic procedures. They are therefore more suitable for research and for hospitals and clinics, which provide treatment to a large influx of patients.

The apparatus of quantum therapy "Cold laser Vityas" is characterized by low control, minimal sufficient therapeutic regimes, the safe level of laser radiation (Class I), small size and affordability. At the same therapeutic effect produced by the apparatus of "Vityas" with the results of the impact of complex and expensive equipment.


The Cold laser Vityas is simultaneously used three types of effects: red light laser radiation, laser infrared (thermal) radiation and magnetic field.

Radiation in the red spectrum penetrates the body tissue to a depth of 2 cm, infrared - to 6 cm weak magnetic field penetrates the body tissues and freely.

The laser energy is absorbed by cells, tissues, is partially converted to thermal energy. However, heating of tissues is less than a tenth of a degree that can not make a significant thermal therapy. A magnetic field acting only on the iron atoms, which are the blood cells or molecules in proteins and enzymes also would not have to cause the therapeutic effect.

But the nature of the impact becomes clear at the quantum level microcosm of atoms and electrons. The principle of laser action opens in the ability of the atomic electrons absorb photons of light. The electron energy transferred to another orbit. An external magnetic field also changes the energy of the electrons, and facilitates their transition to a higher energy orbit.

After the transition of an electron in a different orbit changes the valence (number of connections) of the atom, which leads to changes in molecular structures. These changes are the beginning of the following biochemical reactions in the cell that lead to the normalization of its vital activity, and improve metabolic processes in the cell membrane.

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