Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Importance Of Good Supplies

Besides needles, acupuncture makes use of a number of suppliers. As a practitioner, you will have a constant list of supplies that need to be replenished at your practice. You may need treatment charts, or specialized needles for detox. Some practitioners require seven star dermal needles or the intra-dermal embedding needle. Your needs may be unique and finding a supplier who will be able to cater to all of this will go a long way in ensuring your practice is smooth and your clients satisfied.

Finding a good supplier can take a while. Acupuncture supplies are a specialized field and you will need someone who knows his stuff. You will find several suppliers with websites of their own. Get in touch with those in the vicinity and ask them for their rate charts. This is a quick way in which you can get a comparisons chart of your own. Look at how extensive their range of products is and the brands they stock. Also check on their ability to customize orders and take some last-minute ones as well.

You could even have trial runs with a few suppliers and see how they work out in actual delivery. This can be packaging, the range of products and how right they have got your customized order. A good supplier is also a person who keeps abreast of all that is going on in the industry. If there is a new product in the market, he should be able to provide you with it. Latest information on acupuncture and literature on the newer means of therapy would be an added plus point.

One smart thing to do if you find two good suppliers is to split or alternate your business with them. This way you always have someone on standby if the need arises. Getting into a contract with them would be a good idea, especially with clauses such as a refund on faulty supplies or penalties for late deliveries. Of course, it could work both ways in terms of payments - if you default on payment, you could face a penalty as well.

Building a good rapport with your supplier would be a good idea as it will ensure that you get good quality products at all times. A good supplier is also one you can trust to keep you updated on the newer ways of enhancing your practice. Therefore finding the right one is essential.

Friday, December 9, 2011

How Can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Help Your Allergies or Hayfever?

What is Rhinitis?

Rhinitis is a common seasonal or recurrent complaint with signs and symptoms that include nasal congestion, watery nasal discharge, sneezing and discomfort of the conjunctiva, pharynx, & ala nasi. The causal agent is hypersensitivity of the nasal mucosa to pollen, dust mites, fungal spores, animal dander, saliva, fumes and certain foods.

What is Hay fever?

Seasonal rhinitis is usually referred to as hay fever. It is a heightened reaction to grasses and pollens that have a restricted seasonal dispersion. It can be symptomless during the off times of the year. The primary characteristics include sneezing, profuse watery nasal discharge and sensitive itchy eyes.

Perennial rhinitis happens throughout year. It is a heightened response to animal dander, dust, fungal spores, cold air, and certain fumes. Signs and symptoms can be intermittent or recurring. Generally signs and symptoms are less pronounced, and will include a low-grade itch, discomfort or congestion of the nose and eyes, with episodic aggravations.

How does Chinese medicine see Rhinitis?

Chinese medicine considers rhinitis as an insufficiency of Wei qi. Wei qi is the body's defence system operating beneath the dermis. The foundation of it is in kidney yang and is sent by the lungs up to the surface. The surface includes the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. In cases where this is poor it cannot fight a pathogenic onslaught resulting in increased reactions to inhaled particles.

Each individual's rhinitis is unique. Even though they may seem alike, the weakness dwelling in a person's organs could alter the symptomology, length and presentation. Sufferers could have more congestion than nasal discharge, or their rhinitis could have had a late onset, ie when they became adults.

How will a Chinese medicine physician handle my hay fever?

A Chinese medicine physician will deal with rhinitis stage by stage. First, they will seek to control the acute stage. Following this they will look at the underlying causal agent, and aim to correct this. This phase of therapy could vary greatly in duration and may comprise of acupuncture and herbal prescriptions along with food and lifestyle tips. While many patients will respond inside of two or tree months, others could possibly take over 12. It is worth considering this when thinking of seeking Chinese medical therapy. Supposing your hay fever is seasonal then undergoing treatment ahead of the anticipated time of year may well diminish the hardship of the conditions when the time of year begins. If you act ahead of time you could potentially not have any problems at all!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Electro Therapy for Effective Pain Relief

For pain relief, a person might be given many recommendations. Some physicians will suggest him to go for painkillers while others might tell him to get physiotherapy.

Electro therapy is one of the ways used for pain relief. It makes use of small electric stimuli to reduce chronic and acute pain. Using electricity to treat pain has been around for more than 100 years. Its safe and non-invasive nature is making it a preferred choice of many acupuncturists.

These medical devices can be used on a standalone basis or with other therapies such as painkillers or massage. Many people were able to reduce their consumption of prescription drugs after getting these sessions.

Below are some electro stimulation devices which people use to reduce pain:

Back Pain TENS Belt

This device makes use of principles of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Small electric stimuli are generated by the belt, which stimulate nerve endings through the skin. They block pain signals from reaching the brain. The use of belt reduces discomfort and pain.

Electric stimuli also enhance production of endorphins which are body's natural painkillers. You might have a tingling sensation on your back where the electrodes come in contact with your skin.

Electro acupuncture TENS

This makes use of TENS principles too in which electric stimuli block pain signals from reaching the central nervous system.

In traditional Chinese acupuncture, needles are inserted over specific points on our body to re-balance the normal energy flow in body. This electronic device helps you locate acupoints on your body.

You can then choose between the various programs available such as kneading, tapping and massaging, each having varying intensity levels. It is useful for toothache, joint pain, shoulder and neck pain and upper abdominal pain.

Interferential device

An interferential device can be used for patients with deep pain. It uses two separate frequencies which work together to create a deep penetrating pulse. It faces less resistance in penetrating the skin than TENS. The frequencies interfere with pain signals at the spinal cord level and hence you feel less pain.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Microcurrent Stimulator and Ophthalmologists

Microcurrent (MCS) makes use of extremely small electric stimuli running into the millionths of an ampere. The electric current generated relieves pain, increases the wound healing rate and stimulates regeneration of injured tissue.

It is also used to change scar tissue. Scar tissues are fibrous in nature and replace normal skin when it is injured. They can be tougher than normal skin. A study demonstrated how the scar tissue was 3 to 5 times less in tissue in skin areas where MCS was used.

In treating myofascial trigger points too, this therapy is very useful. These trigger points are like tight contraction knots in muscle. Many times, the joint pain caused by them is mistakenly associated with tendonitis, ligament injury or arthritis.

How does microcurrent stimulation work?

Our body has electric current flowing through it. Our cells generate a very small electric current in the range of microamps. When our body is injured, the electric flow is disturbed hence, the natural healing process cannot take place. The electric current in our body bypasses that region.

MCS therapy restores the natural current flow to the injured region. The body cells, energized and recharged, resume their normal functions. Hence, the healing process is sped up.

How is it done?

There are two techniques:

1) Eye and socket is completely covered with pad electrodes and electrode is placed over each eye

2) A probe-type applicator is used on acupuncture points around the eye

MCS and treatment of retinal diseases

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of MCS therapy in the treatment of retinal diseases. It is of a non-invasive and painless nature. This is making it an ideal alternative for treating macular degeneration with traditional methods such as Coagulating laser therapy.

Age-related Macular degeneration or AMD is an ailment in which patients gradually lose their vision with age. Clinical studies have indicated this therapy's ability to slow down disease and also promote healing.

It does this by increasing ATP production in retinal cells. ATP is a molecule used for energy storage by cells. Enhanced production helps in protein synthesis. It also helps retinal cells absorb the required nutrients.

The increased blood circulation to the area leaves cells rejuvenated and re-energized. The stimulation therapy boosts the cells' ability of getting rid of waste products.

It is best to get MCS in early stages of macular degeneration but it can benefit people in advanced stages also.

The therapy is used in treating wet and dry macular degeneration as well as Stargardt's disease, retinitis pigmentosa, swelling and retinal vein occlusion including other retinopathies.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Should I Expect When Going for Acupuncture to Lose Weight?

People around the world have accomplished a variety of goals and overcome certain conditions through acupuncture treatment. It involves inserting thin, sterile needles into certain acupuncture points on the body. Practitioners believe that this promotes positive energy flow and that by releasing positive energy, it pushes out the negative energy in the process. They believe that energy, called Qi, may get blocked due to stress, trauma, poor diet, or even a lack of exercise. Practitioners hold that unblocking this energy is essential in relieving the ailments that may manifest as a result.

If you're going for acupuncture to lose weight, expect the practitioner to target points that correspond to the liver and spleen-two organs thought by believers in Chinese medicine to correlate with being overweight and obese. Research has shown that many who have undergone acupuncture to help them lose weight have been successful in that goal. The treatment may benefit the metabolism, endocrine system (hormones), as well as the digestive system. It is also thought to help with cravings of foods, which may play a role in an individual being overweight.

The specific points chosen vill vary depending on the individual, but most sessions include points on the ear and the body. The goal is to increase blood flow to improve metabolism and to reduce the individual's desire to overeat. Acupuncture may also be beneficial to depression and anxiety, which often contribute to overeating `nd obesity. Stress is a big trigger for many who struggle with overeating. One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is its effect on reducing stress levels. Many believe this is aided by the release of endorphins during treatment.

While the reasons for the success of this ancient Chinese treatment are still relatively unknown, many studies have been conducted looking into its possible advantages. Many of these studies have reached positive conclusions about its benefits in a wide variety of areas including obesity and overeating. But this treatment alone is usually not enough to effectively lose weight. It may help to suppress the appetite, reduce stress and anxiety, and help improve metabolism, but a healthy diet and exercise routine are just as important, if not more so.

Without making the change to a healthier lifestyle, many who aim to shed pounds are doomed to find that their efforts are short-lived as their old habits begin to arise and their healthy lifestyle goes by the wayside. Keep this in mind as you go through any treatment or diet to lose weight.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Benefits of Acupuncture for Stress

Acupuncture is an old Chinese tradition this goes under the alternative medicine category. This method of relieving pain, stress, illnesses and diseases has been used on people for thousands of years. It has also been used to promote good health, blood flow and apply relaxation in the body. Acupuncture has been used to treat stress because stress is something many people feel at some point in their life. Finances, jobs, relationships, tasks and chores can sometimes seem too much for some people to handle.

The benefits of acupuncture for stress are worth a little poking and prodding. Some people are not fond of needles, but this method of alternative medicine is done by professionals. There are specific pressure points on the body that hit the exact nerves to relieve pain, tightness and stress. Everybody's body is different and of course everybody reacts differently to medications and treatments. Many women undergo acupuncture therapy while they are on fertility treatments. Stress levels, anxiety and pressure to conceive a child can take its toll on couples. Not only is it used on women trying to conceive, but many people who suffer from back injuries from falls and through work use acupuncture. Acupuncture needles hit the precise pressure point that will increase blood flow and relieve pain. It not only has great physical rewards, but psychological benefits as well. The mind feels the ease and calmness in the body after an acupuncture session. There are visible symptoms of stress, and it is important to know what they are. People who are under stress begin to make bad choices, suffer from memory loss, have mood swings, and feel lonely and depressed. They also begin to have a bad diet which can cause pain and increase illnesses in the body.

They begin to get sick because their immune system is weak from all the constant worrying and lack of a healthy lifestyle. Some people under stress begin a road of bad habits like drinking alcohol, using drugs and smoking cigarettes. There is good stress that can help people stay on their toes and complete hard tasks, but there is also bad stress. This kind of stress can cause physical and psychological harm to any person. It is unhealthy and needs to be treated soon. Everybody can use a little bit of stress relief to relax their minds and body. Depression is very real and stress is the beginning of it. There are many ways to reduce stress, and acupuncture is one of them. Along with this proven method, exercise, yoga, a good diet, support and some quiet time are other good ways in relieving stress. People get frustrated over school, work, family and other curve balls life might throw at them, but it is crucial to stay calm and to get treatment if necessary.

Bad stress can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, nervous breakdowns and other harmful effects to the body. Stress management is important to implement when a person is under pressure. People are bound to feel stress at some time in their life, but it is how they deal with it that will determine how it will affect their lives. Depression can occur if stress gets to be too much for people who can't handle it. Acupuncture is a great way of relieving stress because it relaxes the muscles in the body and causes a mental feel of tranquility. The benefits of acupuncture not only relieve stress but many other things as well. This is scientifically proven and a method used by professional

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Conquering Stress With Acupuncture

What happens when you're really stressed out? Your body is keyed into your sympathetic nervous system or the "fight or flight syndrome." Your adrenals are pumping, your breathing is shallow, heart beat is rapid, and digestion is incomplete. On the psychological level it can manifest as:

• Poor memory
• Irritability
• Difficulty relaxing
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Negative thinking

The good news is there is a natural alternative. Acupuncture therapy helps your body to tune into your parasympathetic nervous system or relaxation response. After a treatment your heart beat is more regular, breathing is deeper, you're bringing more oxygen into your blood stream, smooth muscles are relaxed and digestion is more complete. And on the psychological level it can help you to feel clear headed, refreshed and reduces stress.

Western medicine attributes only one organ to our emotions...the brain. But Chinese medicine figured out early on that emotional problems are attributed to the whole organ system. And that the quality of our thoughts are determined by the status of our organs.

Chinese medicine discovered thousands of years ago that there is a link between the organs and emotions. So specific emotions relate to certain organs. For example, joy (or lack of joy) relates to the heart. Anger and frustration relates to the liver. Fear and procrastination relates to the kidneys. Grief or "letting go" is associated with the lungs. Worry relates to the stomach and spleen. Remember that saying: "My stomach is tied up in knots?" Well, there's a perfect illustration.

Acupuncture reinstates balance to the organ so then the corresponding emotion balances, too. Just like when a plant is welted, you give it water and miracle grow. Acupuncture sends nutrition to the organ.

Emotional disorders can be the result of a number of different organs that are imbalanced. Licensed acupuncturists use Chinese pulse diagnosis to determine which organ is involved in a malady.

Anger, irritability, and frustration are all signs that the liver is imbalanced. The liver is responsible for the smooth flow of energy throughout your body and for the smooth flow of your emotions.

Liver imbalance is one of the most common health problems seen in acupuncture clinics today. Symptoms can include irritability, pain in the area below the ribs, stuffiness of the chest, abdominal bloating, nausea, acid regurgitation, belching, diarrhea or constipation, feeling of a lump in the throat. And for women: irregular periods, painful periods and distention of the breasts prior to periods. Liver stagnation is commonly associated with PMS. Ideally in a health body the liver should be spreading energy to all the other organs evenly in a 360 degree pattern. If it is dysfunctional, it can shoot energy straight upwards and cause neck and should tension, headaches, migraines, even high blood pressure.

When you get upset the muscles around the liver get tight. Then the blood flow through the liver becomes restricted, especially through the portal vein. Then the function of the liver is impeded. Restriction of the bile duct results in bile not getting properly distributed in the duodenum. Then there are digestive problems. If there is poor circulation in the liver there will be emotional ups and downs. If the liver is fatty there will be depression, anxiety and/or frustration. With acupuncture therapy we can get the musculature around the liver to relax. This will increase blood flow to this organ, help the liver to detoxify and then the patient will begin to feel better.

In Chinese medicine we are obsessed with improving the circulation of blood. We are the plumbers of medicine. All the anti inflammatory agents, nutrients, antibiotics are in the blood. The function of blood circulation is what heals us. That function is at 100% when you are a baby. Remember the saying "in the pink?" As a person ages, the vascular system declines. There isn't enough blood circulating to heal the problem areas. Now, the beautiful thing about acupuncture is that when it is done correctly, it pushes the blood into the sick area to heal it. In western medicine they run tests to see if the patient is sick. But often, patients feel terrible, but the tests come out normal. So they are sick, but not sick enough to show up on their tests.

If there is an obstruction in the blood, the corresponding body part will be affected. If it's not fixed, it could turn into a malfunction. If it's not addressed, it could become a disease that won't go away. That's why acupuncture works so well. With acupuncture we can fix their plumbing to get their blood circulating again. Very frequently, patients come to us as a last resort. They've tried prescription drugs, they've been to their MD, or their physical therapist. And let's make it clear that these other practitioners may be doing some good work but for whatever reason it's not doing the job with the people that come to see us at our acupuncture clinic.

Traditional Chinese medicine was developed for your everyday citizen; to make him/her healthy, to increase energy and vitality. With acupuncture, we are actually improving the functioning of your internal organs. We can make the stress and pain go away. And we create a situation so the stress and pain does not come back.