Monday, December 5, 2011

Electro Therapy for Effective Pain Relief

For pain relief, a person might be given many recommendations. Some physicians will suggest him to go for painkillers while others might tell him to get physiotherapy.

Electro therapy is one of the ways used for pain relief. It makes use of small electric stimuli to reduce chronic and acute pain. Using electricity to treat pain has been around for more than 100 years. Its safe and non-invasive nature is making it a preferred choice of many acupuncturists.

These medical devices can be used on a standalone basis or with other therapies such as painkillers or massage. Many people were able to reduce their consumption of prescription drugs after getting these sessions.

Below are some electro stimulation devices which people use to reduce pain:

Back Pain TENS Belt

This device makes use of principles of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Small electric stimuli are generated by the belt, which stimulate nerve endings through the skin. They block pain signals from reaching the brain. The use of belt reduces discomfort and pain.

Electric stimuli also enhance production of endorphins which are body's natural painkillers. You might have a tingling sensation on your back where the electrodes come in contact with your skin.

Electro acupuncture TENS

This makes use of TENS principles too in which electric stimuli block pain signals from reaching the central nervous system.

In traditional Chinese acupuncture, needles are inserted over specific points on our body to re-balance the normal energy flow in body. This electronic device helps you locate acupoints on your body.

You can then choose between the various programs available such as kneading, tapping and massaging, each having varying intensity levels. It is useful for toothache, joint pain, shoulder and neck pain and upper abdominal pain.

Interferential device

An interferential device can be used for patients with deep pain. It uses two separate frequencies which work together to create a deep penetrating pulse. It faces less resistance in penetrating the skin than TENS. The frequencies interfere with pain signals at the spinal cord level and hence you feel less pain.

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