Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Importance Of Good Supplies

Besides needles, acupuncture makes use of a number of suppliers. As a practitioner, you will have a constant list of supplies that need to be replenished at your practice. You may need treatment charts, or specialized needles for detox. Some practitioners require seven star dermal needles or the intra-dermal embedding needle. Your needs may be unique and finding a supplier who will be able to cater to all of this will go a long way in ensuring your practice is smooth and your clients satisfied.

Finding a good supplier can take a while. Acupuncture supplies are a specialized field and you will need someone who knows his stuff. You will find several suppliers with websites of their own. Get in touch with those in the vicinity and ask them for their rate charts. This is a quick way in which you can get a comparisons chart of your own. Look at how extensive their range of products is and the brands they stock. Also check on their ability to customize orders and take some last-minute ones as well.

You could even have trial runs with a few suppliers and see how they work out in actual delivery. This can be packaging, the range of products and how right they have got your customized order. A good supplier is also a person who keeps abreast of all that is going on in the industry. If there is a new product in the market, he should be able to provide you with it. Latest information on acupuncture and literature on the newer means of therapy would be an added plus point.

One smart thing to do if you find two good suppliers is to split or alternate your business with them. This way you always have someone on standby if the need arises. Getting into a contract with them would be a good idea, especially with clauses such as a refund on faulty supplies or penalties for late deliveries. Of course, it could work both ways in terms of payments - if you default on payment, you could face a penalty as well.

Building a good rapport with your supplier would be a good idea as it will ensure that you get good quality products at all times. A good supplier is also one you can trust to keep you updated on the newer ways of enhancing your practice. Therefore finding the right one is essential.

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